"Unemotional words do not influence the subconscious mind. You will get no appreciable results until you learn to reach your subconscious mind with thoughts or spoken words that have been well emotionalized with belief." 


Cheryl Marks, a woman of abundant wisdom! She serves in ministry devotedly to the mandate of God for her life alongside her husband Apostle Jerry L. Marks.

Together, they have partnered with God for the redemptive plan for all mankind! 


Dr. Marks is all about the "Fathers Business!" She is a business woman, entrepreneur, educator and true representative and ambassador of the Kingdom of God in her sphere of influence.


Her focus is to advance God's Kingdom and transform individuals in the church and the marketplace through the superior principles of faith and fruitfulness! 

She is reputable for empowering individuals to step into higher levels of grace, prosperity, and influence.


Through divine wisdom, Dr. Marks  daily translate powerful truth and spiritual insight into everyday language that equips and empower individuals to transform their lives and communities, while preparing them for spiritual, personal and corporate success. 


Dr. Marks is one of the accomplished co-authors of Best- Seller Dreamer on the Rise compiled by Dr. Kishma A. George, Foreword by Les Brown and Endorsed by Farrah Gray.

She's also the author of Best-Seller, "I was Labeled Spoiled UNTIL I Met God!" 


Dr. Marks' assiduousness and passion for contending for the faith while helping others succeed has been recognized in various spotlights such as: TOP 40 MOST INFLUENTIAL DREAMERS, SHAKERS & MOVERS by K.I.S.H Magazine, THE SUPERNATURAL WOMAN featuring supernatural women who are getting supernatural results, WOMEN OF VISION TRAILBLAZERS, women who pursued their God-Inspired Dreams into ACTION, HE CHOSE ME SPOTLIGHT  featuring women WALKING IN PURPOSE & SAYING YES to GOD, INSIDE COVER of KINGDOM STYLE MAGAZINE in the entrepreneurial section with a written article, "LET'S TALK MONEY w/Cheryl Marks, INSIDE COVER of MOGUL LEADERS MAGAZINE w/ a written article, " LEVELING UP IN DECISION MAKING w/ Life-Strategist Dr. Cheryl Marks.

Dr. Marks was also recognized as one of the TOP 15 DREAMERS ON THE RISE! 

She's the President of Women Of Vision. She spearheads the Global Engagement against Human Trafficking and she’s the Co-founder and Chancellor of Christian Leadership Institute with a Kingdom Perspective.


Dr. Marks is also the TV Host of Stewarding Our Influence in Leadership & The Marketplace.


Dr. Marks is the Creator of the following mentorship & coaching programs: DREAMERS & DOERS, FRESH START ENTREPRENEURS & TURNING SINGLES INTO SPOUSES!


As seen on NBC, CBS, FOX NEWS & USA TODAY, she is the CEO of First-Rate On-Line School Learn@Marks500.

Dr. Marks matriculated through Kingdom School of Ministry with an academic discipline in Global Leadership under the guidance of Chancellor Dr. Cindy Trimm, one of Ebony's Top 100 Doers & Influencers in the World Today. 




• Life-Strategist

• Leadership/Marketplace Coach

• 2X Best-Selling Author 

• TV Personality

• Kingdom Educator

• Influencer of Righteousness



I Was labeled Spoiled Until I Met God!
I Was Labeled Spoiled Until I Met God!

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