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Let's Talk Money w/ Life-Strategist Dr. Cheryl Marks

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

"A feast is made for laughter, And wine makes merry; But MONEY answers everything! Ecclesiastes 10:19


"Attaining success is not simply a matter of luck. It's more of finding something that you are passionate about or you may learn a trade; then apply your knowledge and expertise to that assignment daily! Stick with it - even in the face of adversity and potential failure along the way!" Whatever you do, "don't give up on yourself or your business!!!!


#Let's Talk Money!

We live in a society where so many conversations are emerging instantaneously, from everyday living, human rights and access to justice, social economic development, climate crisis and clean energy, religious conflicts, resources depletion, government accountability and transparency, and the list goes on.

In our homes there’s an ongoing conversation about each other, our neighbors, our children, our jobs, other people’s children, etc.

On social media, there’s a continuous conversing about who’s doing what with who!

And please don’t forget about the chitchat with your friends, who are more interested in what you are wearing, who did your hair, what you’re driving, and what designer handbag you are sporting this season, than they are in you as a person.

And before I move forward, I cannot omit your colleagues, who are still more fascinated with a job title than they are with “digits and dividends” at the end of the day!

There’s a season and a time for every matter, purpose and activity under the heavens. You’ve had your play time, recess is over! It’s now time that we converse and give attention to something that is CHIEF & TOP MOST IMPORTANT, something that UNDERWRITES and COUNTERSIGNS everything! And no, it’s NOT about your next piece of bling! It’s not about another outfit! It’s definitely NOT about another man or woman! It’s about MONEY!!!! Yes, I went there, M-O-N-E-Y!!!

It’s high time that we as a society ponder on the future of our finances!!!! It’s time to talk MONEY!!!

Ecclesiastes 10:19 indicates “A feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry, but MONEY answers everything!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a good time; but I want you to have a GRAND TIME; but not at the expense of bankrupting yourself and your family, due to meaningless shopping trips on handbags, clothes, shoes, accessories, the extra hair, and all other items, that our times of quarantine has PROVEN that you can actually do without!

Did you know that we as a people spend billions of dollars on things that temporarily make us feel good, pacify our voids, and soothe our cravings? Instead of provisional and short term gratification, why not consider inner satisfaction and fulfillment, by valuing and working towards a more positive and constructive relationship with yourself and your money. The more one values themselves, your standards will change concerning your money!

That day of giving the appearance that you’ve made it, while experiencing deep anxiety over your finances are over! Start celebrating NOW, because you’re getting ready to do something different that is going to promote you to a better quality of life! It’s your time to feel the exuberance of a financial upsurge! Yes, you really can rise out of debt, lack, and insufficient funds to surplus!!!

We’ve been talked to be grateful and appreciative for all things, and yes, you are to be obliged concerning ALL things; however, never allow your satisfaction, contentment, and complacency to be the limit to someone else’s potential, simply because you were afraid to tap into your real VALUE and get out of you, your MONEY’s WORTH!!!

It’s time to TALK MONEY! It’s imperative that this be part of your conversation in your homes, with your children, spouse, significant other, friends, co-workers, churches, etc. Your entire household, age appropriate needs to periodically hear the lingo of business terms and finances!

Why am I suggesting TALKING MONEY? Did you know that some people are paid less because they are afraid to TALK MONEY? They are afraid to talk money with the appropriate decision makers although they may be working harder than most people on the job. –You are due INCREASE; you have MANY things to do; but you have got to RENEW YOUR MIND concerning MONEY; and re-introduce everybody around you to the unlimited untapped potentials in us all!

Have you noticed that your co-workers will talk about everything with you, except MONEY! Why, because we’ve been conditioned far too long, that money is a personal subject that is only discussed with your immediate family; or your financial planner, once you’ve accumulated enough wealth to acquire one; but the more you openly and gracefully talk money, you will be amazed at how the conversation itself opens the door of your mind to the unlimited possibilities to be able to have more, do more, achieve more, and help push humanity forward!

MONEY in the hands of the right people will underwrite morality. We need more veracious people with a tenacious attitude concerning MONEY! I believe that assertiveness is in you! Again, let’s continue to TALK MONEY!

The right conversations about MONEY and its uses will add value to you as a person and its overall purpose. It will cause you to stop spending as much on frivolous and insignificant things, and start investing and capitalizing on things that guarantees you a return! It’s time to re-evaluate how we handle and view our money. It’s time to SAVE MORE MONEY, not just to be saving alone; but for the sole purpose of investing! Moving forward, it would be wise of you to do your homework before making any major financial purchases. Ask yourself, why am I purchasing this, can I afford this, and is now the time to purchase this? When time permits, I want you to look around your home, look in your closets, look in your make-up kits, and please don’t forget to look in your children’s play area, and stare real hard at your hard earned money! That should be an eye-opener!

It’s time that we position ourselves to meet the demands of tomorrow; therefore, that’s why we’re TALKING MONEY TODAY!

Have you noticed that more women are gaining a more prominent presence on executive teams, starting more businesses than ever before, and reaching higher levels of financial success? It’s all because they are re-connecting with their core values, and standards, and what’s really important at the end of the day. They are valuing their relationship with their money as one of high importance. They are by-passing the latest hand bags, designer clothes, and shoes that they couldn’t afford just to impress you, and putting that MONEY aside in college funds, mortgages, debt reduction, making sizable contributions to charities, etc. They are planning for their dream vacation instead of a weekend of temporary gratification that sometimes later leads to frustration. They are allotting those extra dollars into dedicated emergency saving funds just in case one day they want to shift in careers or go after that dream business that they’ve always dreamed of. What are you doing with your MONEY?

I pause here to address a very disturbing, baffling, stereotype statement that some people believe concerning women, and that is “women’s ability to handle money has been compromised.”

Do women need to talk more about money, of course we do! But do we have the ability to manage and cause dollars to stretch, most definitely! Are we creative, innovative and ground breaking pioneers, of course; but sometimes we may need to readjust in our thinking, get a clear vision for our money and consider getting a captain over our finances! –Relax, no one is fixing to take over your money; but seriously, sometimes you may need a MONEY MENTOR!

Regardless of how much money you make or anticipate to accumulate, at every phase of your life you should have a money mentor. Someone you trust, and can talk to about your finances, goals, and plans. It’s important to create a tempo of communication that works for both of you. This will ensure you stay on track in a way that serves YOUR goals and lifestyles.

Money mentors can provide you with insight from a perspective of been there, done that! By tapping into a mentor’s existing knowledge, experience, or skills, you can accelerate your own growth and development and make better decisions. Not only will a great money mentor listen and guide you, but they’ll also hold you accountable when your actions aren’t aligned with your values. Again, that’s why we previously discussed how important values are.

A money mentor can provide guidance, tell you if you’re being down on yourself or selling yourself short, but can also tell you when your head’s a little too big and you’re over inflated and overspending!

As a money mentor myself, I often tell people, “ It’s time to talk and have a non-intimidating, real conversation about what YOU really want out of life; even if it diverges from what you’re expected to want by others. I express to them, “let’s discuss YOUR TRUE VALUES and where you want to go in life! We discuss things that may not be related to their finances; but may have some kind of financial tie to their spending habits and non-essential needs that may need to be discussed and dealt with accordingly.

James 1:14 reads, “Every man is drawn away by his own lust and desires.” That’s why when a person is low on cash flow, and they haven’t dealt with their inner cravings, they are more prone to be drawn away by their own desire to have, and that’s when they are more susceptible to fall prey to get-rich-quick schemes and end up losing what they did have. If you’re going to take a risk, invest in yourself. Take a chance with you! This season, make it top priority to invest time, energy, and money in improving yourself.

We have entered into a new era of economics. Individuals, communities, nations, and the next generation will be impacted by how we do business and practice healthy spending habits. The things we are learning today concerning our money must be a shared responsibility. Again, I’m not suggesting that you not spend; but I am giving additional emphasis on what we spend our money on. – You’ve got this, you are going to excel in the area of managing and handling the increase that’s about to hit your accounts. Be vigilant and sober-minded and watch your money expand and produce more for you, your household, and even the next generation.

Love you much,

Dr. Cheryl Marks

Note: This article "Let's Talk Money w/ Life-Strategist Dr. Cheryl Marks was also featured in Kingdom Style Magazine Summer Edition 2020!!!

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