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Dreamer On the Rise is a powerful inspirational book that was conceived and conceptualized to stir up the dreamer within you. Fifteen accomplished authors share their wisdom, experience and testimonies of pursuing their dreams, inspiration of FAITH and CREATING WEALTH.

Dreamer On The Rise will teach you how to tap into unlimited posibilities and get back to a place of functioning at your highest domain in earth!

In my chapter I share my personal story of my process to my wealthy place: "I WAS AN IMAGINAIRE BEFORE I BECAME A MILLIONAIRE!" Subtopic: REIMAGE YOUR FUTURE AND LIVE YOUR GOD-INSPIRED DREAMS 


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  • Testimony:

    Oh what a blessing!  This book, "Dreamer on the Rise" has been such a blessing to me.  I happened upon this book at an appointed time for I know it was a divine intervention from the Lord.  I was in a moment of despair---having a valley moment when "Dreamer on the Rise" was introduced to me.  With each story, I felt an elevation---I was going higher and higher emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  

    By the time I reached Dr. Cheryl Marks' story, "I was an Imaginaire Before I Became A Millionaire", my esteem was nearly through the roof.  I had rebound, and I had become more aware of myself and my gifts.  Reading Dr. Marks' story was the confirmation and validation I needed to pivot.  As I turned each page of the story, I realized that I had settled for mediocrity and there was more awaiting me.  That God has a plan for me was reaffirmed in this story, and it gave me the tenacity necessary to step out on faith and start pursuing abundant living.  No more mediocrity---I knew I could do it because Dr. Marks had done it.  I realized that we serve the same God, and God is well able to do more than I could even ask or think.  If He did it for Dr. Marks, He can surely do it for me!  By the time I finished reading "I was an Imaginaire Before I Became a Millionaire", I knew that what I had been dreaming of could actually become reality.  I had already been praying to God about my future, so I knew that this story was my confirmation to go forth and prosper.  It was a no brainer for me to resign from a dead end job and take on running my own company on a full-time basis.  I had it all backwards as I was working full-time on a dead end job, giving my all to it, while working my own business parti-time, tired and barely functioning. The story caused a shift in my mindset and a leap in my belly.  I had to give birth to my own vision for it was due season. Needless to say, I quit that job and shifted my focus to my own business. My own business is attached to souls, ministry, kingdom business.   It has been so rewarding and so fulfilling to focus solely on my business while being the best mother, wife, and version of me. I am better.  I am stronger, and now I am more able to help others heal and be better too.  The inspiration and motivation of Dr. Marks' story---her testimony---propelled me into greater heights,and for that, I am forever grateful to and for Dr. Cheryl Marks.  Obedience is better than sacrifice.  I stepped out, kept moving, and I'm still going! 

    Kindest regards,

    SherVonne Grose, MFT


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