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Throughout my lifetime I’ve often encountered women of various standards and social status who are rather intelligent, attractive and often times very ambitious and industrious; however, they may still lack the ability to land Mr. Right.  

Now, I do understand that for the believer according to Proverbs 18:22 it teaches us that,” He who finds a wife finds a good thing …; but in this modern-age in which we live with so many techniques and styles, I have to ask the question, “why are so many women hidden, concealed and veiled from their potential Mr. Right? Why can’t he find her? Why doesn’t he notice her? Afterall, she’s waiting to be discovered?  

I pause to say, though I am happily married today, “I Wasn’t Always Married,” and as I look back, I do recall some simple things that I could have been intentional about that could have made the journey a little shorter and very much sweeter, and today I am going to share them all with you.

Another reason I was led to write this book is because I’m finding out that there’s an age-old statement that is still being echoed and resonated in the minds of so many women, women who are desiring to be in a meaningful relationship with the hopes of securing a husband, aka Mr. Right.  That echo is, “there aren’t many good men and all the good ones are already taken!”  

I beg the difference!!!!

So, together let’s explore some simple, yet powerful tools that you can start implementing right away whenever you may feel as though you are in the presence of Mr. Right to get him to notice YOU!!!

Never Miss Mr. Right Again!!! Eight Simple Ways to Get Him to Notice You!!

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